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Lineage and History of the 1st RPIMa. SAS



On December 1, 1960 the 1st RPIMa was created and replaced the Groupement d'Instruction de la Brigade - G.I.B.P.O.M that had been disbanded and it took over its mission. Colonel Moulie was its first O.C. (He was an old Operator of its WW2 SAS days) He was also granted that his new regiment have the insignia of the 1er B.P.C. which had also been that of the1er B.C.C.P. S.A.S and the ½ Brigade S.A.S. The number "1" had simply been added on the cupola of the parachute.

"Qui ose gagne" ("Who dares wins") was now the motto of the 1er R.P.I.Ma SAS as it had been that of the SAS of the Free French and in Indochina. A new era dawned. Two years later the Brigade de Parachutistes d'Outre-Mer (Overseas Paratroop Brigade), had become in 1961 "infanterie de Marine" (Army Marine Corps)and was disbanded.

The 1er R.P.I.Ma like the Brigade d'Infanterie de Marine carried forward the SAS traditions of WW2 and Indochina, of the Demi-brigades Coloniales de Commandos Parachutistes, then of the Brigade that was successively Coloniale, Outre-Mer (overseas) and lastly d'Infanterie de Marine. These basic units (Companies) can and do by right carry forwards the traditions of the units that preceded them and who are of similar importance (Companies and Squadrons).

What makes this French Regiment unique is its qualitative historical dimension because of the lineage and traditions that it carries forwards and that encompasses the French Air Force from 1940 to 45, Metropolitan Infantry (French Army) from 1945 to 1947, Colonial Infantry (French Army Colonial Marine Corps) from 1947 onwards and then Marine Infantry (Army Marine Corps) traditions.

The 2ème R.C.P. - S.A.S. was the French Army unit whose flag received the most decorations during WW2.

Some of the citations on the flag and corresponding Army commendations were often awarded at the Company level. In Indochina and at Dien Bien Phu in particular, Companies earned their laurels with their blood, sweat and death. This is the reason why Companies can be proud of their glorious past and ancestors to which they are intimately linked to.

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