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The regimental insignia of the 1st R.P.I.Ma


It is fact the insignia of the 2ème R.C.P. was created at the end of 1945 at the request of Colonel Reyniers the unit's O.C.

This insignia was worn on the beret of troopers of the 1er Bataillon S.A.S./ 2ème R.C.P since in February 1946 there did not exist a beret insignia to replace the "SAS Beret Badge" that was by then forbidden to be worn.

Even if the 1er Bataillon S.A.S was administratively separated from the 2ème R.C.P upon its arrival in Indochina, it kept its insignia.

When the 2ème R.C.P. was disbanded on September 28, 1946, the Demi-Brigade de Parachutistes S.A.S received the regimental flag and carried forwards the SAS traditions. Naturally, the insignia was worn without any changes by the Demi-Brigade.

It was kept by the Demi-Brigade Coloniale de Commandos Parachutistes S.A.S then by the 1er Bataillon de Parachutistes Coloniaux for the few months that preceded its disbandment after Dien Bien Phu.

Upon the request of Colonel Moulie O.C. 1er R.P.I.Ma the insignia was again worn at the creation of the Regiment. On November 15, 1960 he asked Drago Co. to make a model of the insignia with the number "1".

Two models were presented in December. One with the "1" in silver at the center of the red arrow and the other with the "1" at the center of the parachute cupola. The second model was chosen.

20,000 insignias were produced and worn on a black leather insignia tab.10 were made in solid silver. On January 3, 1961 Drago Co. reminded the O.C. that the insignia of the Demi-Brigade had never been registered at the Bureau de la Symbolique Militaire of the Ministry of Defense.

On February 10, 1961 Colonel Moulié received the registration G 463 for the regimental insignia of his unit. He advised the manufacturer so that this number was engraved at the back of each insignia. 45 days later the 1er R.P.I.Ma SAS got its insignia.


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