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Regimental lineage

The lineage of the 1st RPIMa may seem at first to be complex. This is due to 3 important facts:

  1. Its lineage is "authorized"
  2. Its lineage incorporates Corps and Large Units
  3. Its lineage is multiple which is rare

1) Its authorized lineage

The 1st RPIMa SAS was created recently (November 1960) and its lineage is not in a straight line, like that of other regiments that were created long ago and even if their names changed throughout the centuries their lineage is still in a straight line like for example regiments who were created during the royalty.

Its lineage has been authorized in accordance with regulations in that the traditions and glorious heritage of some units were given to it so as to keep this alive and carry it forwards.

A logical lineage should have started with the 1er Bataillon Colonial de Commandos Parachutistes and gone forwards with the 1er G.C.C.P and the 1er B.P.C. and ended with the present day unit.

The lineage slits in two with the Corps on one side and the Large Units on the other, this complicates things somewhat.

2) Its lineage incorporates Corps and Large Units

The 1st RPIMa is a Corps, logically in its lineage it should only have Corps, but to keep traditions alive, as well as similarities in missions, the regiment at its birth received a double inheritance. It was then the HQ of France's Army Marine Corps Paratroopers and tasked with a training mission.

Things evolved rapidly from then on, and the 1st RPIMa abandoned its first role.

3) Its lineage is multiple which is rare.

And even unique in the history of the Army.

The 1st RPIMa inherits the traditions of the Air Force (paratroopers of the French French Forces), of the Infanterie Métropolitaine (Regular Army) (2nd RCP and ½ Brigade SAS) and lastly of the Troupes Coloniales (French Army Colonial Marine Corps). This is truly unique in the Armed Forces.

Only the 1st RCP & 3rd RCP have an Air Force (1943-1945) and Infanterie Métropolitaine (Army) lineage since on August 1, 1945 all paratroop units were transferred to the Army.


One must know that the 1st RPIMa SAS has been awarded some rare decorations, be it French or Foreign.

  • It has the most decorated Regimental flag of WW2 for a unit that never had more than 500 troopers.
  • As a unit it was awarded the Chevalier (Knight) of the Légion d'Honneur
  • It has 6 palms on its Croix de Guerre (War Cross) 1939-45
  • 2 palms are on its Croix de Guerre T.O.E. (Théatre d'Opération Extérieur) (+ one for the Gulf War)
  • The red, sky blue and green with black striped Fourragères, several foreign decorations, all bear witness to the bravery and fearlessness of its Grand Anciens (term meaning "Great Combat Veterans of the unit").


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