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The units of 1940-1945 (part. 2)


These units are the authorized historical lineage given to the 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine when it was formed.

2ème R.C.P (Infanterie Métropolitaine) (Regular Army) 01.09.1945
1er Bataillon S.A.S of the 2ème R.C.P 01.02.1946
1er Bataillon Parachutiste S.A.S 23.02.1946
2ème Bataillon Parachutiste S.A.S 01.03.1946
½ Brigade de Parachutistes S.A.S 01.07.1946
Disbanding of the 2ème R.C.P (Flag and traditions carried forwards by the ½ Brigade) 28.09.1946
Reorganization of the ½ Brigade Parachutiste S.A.S (disbanding of the 1ère & 4ème Compagnie)
2ème Compagnie becomes the 1ème Compagnie
3ème Compagnie becomes the 2ème Compagnie (1er Bataillon)
5ème Compagnie becomes the 3ème Compagnie
6ème Compagnie becomes the 4ème Compagnie (2ème Bataillon)
Creation of the C.E.M.S (Airborne School)
It becomes the 1ère ½ Brigade Parachutiste S.A.S
The 1er Bataillon is disbanded its elements with the 2ème Bataillon form the 1er B.P. S.A.S 25.09.1947
The 1ère ½ Brigade Parachutiste S.A.S becomes the ½ Brigade Coloniale de Commandos Parachutistes S.A.S 23.10.1947
Creation of the 1er Bataillon Colonial de Commandos Parachutistes S.A.S 01.01.1948
The 1er Bataillon Colonial de Commandos Parachutistes S.A.S is disbanded 04.07.1948
The ½ B.C.C.P S.A.S becomes the 2ème ½ B.C.C.P in Indochina - and loses its S.A.S. traditions 16.07.1948
The 1ère ½ B.C.C.P. created in France, receives and carries forward the flag of the 2ème R.C.P 16.07.1948
Creation of the 1er B.C.C.P 01.12.1948
The B.C.C.P. becomes G.C.C.P. (1er G.C.C.P) 01.10.1950
The G.C.C.P. becomes B.P.C (1er B.P.C) 01.03.1951
1er B.P.C disbanded 19.02.1952
The 1er B.P.C is re-created 20.06.1952
The 1er B.P.C is exterminated at Dien Bien Phu 07.05.1954
A new 1er B.P.C is created 10.05.1954
The 1ère ½ B.C.C.P. is disbanded 10.02.1955
The 1er B.P.C is disbanded 01.09.1955
The Brigade de Parachutistes Coloniaux is created 10.02.1955
It is transformed into the Brigade École de Parachutistes d'Outre-Mer 25.02.1958
It becomes the Brigade de Parachutistes d'Outre-Mer 01.12.1958
Creation of the 1er R.P.I.Ma that carries forwards the traditions of previous units. 01.11.1960
It becomes the Brigade de Parachutistes d'Infanterie de Marine (B.P.I.Ma) 31.12.1961
The B.P.I.Ma is disbanded 30.09.1962
It becomes the C.I / 1er R.P.I.Ma (C.I. Compagnie d'Instruction) (Training Company) 01.10.1962
It becomes the 1er Régiment Parachutiste d'Infanterie de Marine (1er R.P.I.Ma) 01.04.1976


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