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Paratroopers in Algeria – Model 1956 paratrooper uniform

These are famous silhouettes in the towns they protect as well as the Djébel where they hunt down rebels: airborne troopers impose their style of battle “supple, feline and highly maneuverable”

10th and 25th D.P.

In two Groups, soon to be two Airborne Divisions, the 10th and 25th D.P. (D.P.= Division Parachutiste) everyday the goal of these efficient Regiments is to bring back a peace that is costly in blood and sweat.

Their slow march on thick rubber soles , their songs sung with deep and melodious voices that tell of the death of a friend, of the girl that awaits his return, of childhood memories in their last breath of life, their battles and quiet strength that has contributed to the creation of a myth that has them hated or revered. Who cares anyway! The stuff of legends and reality are intimately intertwined and they know full well that the only important thing is the mission.

They then achieved their mission from North to South and on the borders right up to the highest peaks of the Atlas fully aware of what Saint-Exupery once said "You are a sentinel and every sentinel is responsible for the entire Empire".


"Bigeard" camouflaged cap, worn by all Para and Commando Regiments, camouflaged dress for Airborne model 56, canvas equipments and ammunitions pouches for magazines of MAT 49 – 9 mm calibre – firing 32 round magazines and foldable butt.

The 1st and 2nd R.E.P (Foreign Para Legion) never wore the camouflaged cap.


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