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The Screaming Eagles of Bastogne

During the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium, Bastogne was in the eye of the storm.

Men of 101st Airborne Division with their comrades of other Units in winter and in heavy snow conditions tenaciously fought off combined German panzer and infantry units.

Day after day, U.S paratroopers fought with courage, valor, and determination and in a highly professional manner, under the leadership of General Mac Auliffe. During this terrifying Christmas of the War Bastogne had become the "European Alamo".

The troopers of the Screaming Eagles fought tooth and nail for Europe’s freedom in spite of the violent German attacks many fell on this Belgian soil that had become a manmade white hell.

The 101st Airborne fought one of the biggest battles of WW2 and earned its laurels fighting as line infantry.


The paratrooper shown here is dressed like the Paras of the Bastogne battle. He wears a long overcoat, with his U.S combat webbing over it.

His weapons are the Thomson 45 submachine, and grenades (on his webbing).

Around his neck, he wears a large piece of parachute material, and on his head, the M1C steel helmet.


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