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N.C.O with Para Battalion Pennant - Colonial Dress 1951 pattern

Starting in 1947 the war intensifies and it is the beginning of operations in Cochin-china against the “national redoubt” of in the North and Annam. Beefed up by the Communists, the Vietminh goes on the attack as early as 1951; the Vietminh is countered, cornered, assaulted and decimated many times by the plans of General De Lattre de Tassigny.

From 1952 forwards, the Paras were everywhere fighting Vietminh units in rice paddies and jungles and in every engagement showed their mastery and superior tactics.

Nghia-Lo, Bac-Kan, Laos, That-Khe, the R.C.4, Phu-Doan, Hoa-Binh, Na-San, Langson and Dien-Bien-Phu are the Mecca’s of French Airborne history. For the 7 years that lasted the French Indochina war, these are the symbols of the determination of French paratroopers.

As difficult as the missions were; these were always executed with courage, often in suffering and at times with the ultimate sacrifice. There were defeats that were as glorious as victories, victories for which the enemy paid a very high price.

Battalion Pennant

A true to life drawing of a French Para in Indochina, this N.C.O – Sergent-chef- holding a Commanding Officer’s pennant can represent any Battalion Colonial or Metropolitan paratroop unit. In Indochina all airborne units wear the red beret with the exception in Vietnam of the French Foreign Legion’s paratroopers who still wear the Képi blanc. He wears the 1951 issue standard O.D. paratrooper jump smock with grenade pockets and a the back and to each side an opening and closing system that cools the shoulders and back.

The N.C.O wears the Parade dress with his medals – Médaille Militaire and Croix de la Valeur Militaire with mention in dispatches.

Around his left arm is the T.O.E (Théatre d’Opérations Extérieurs) fourragère lanyard.

Fixed on a MAS 36 the blue and red, with the French Paratrooper wing. This pennant is not of a specific unit it honours all the paratroopers of the Battalion d’Indochine.


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