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Green Beret of an Airborne Regiment of Foreign Legion - R.E.P

Born from the 1st and 2nd B.E.P. (Battalion) of Indochina, who made the Conquest of Glory during many combats, before passing away in the cauldron of Dien-Bien-Phu, the R.E.P (Regiments) were the "Arrow head" of the two Para Divisions in Algeria.

The Paras of Foreign Legion have created a new fashion with the power of the Legion and the litheness of the airborne soldiers. Excellent results were achieved.

The Green Berets were brought into action in all combats and operations of the Algerian conflict. This Corps included volunteers in three ways: to belong to the Foreign Legion, to jump and to fight in the ranks of R.E.P. This hard choice offered an effect and credibility without faults.

In Indochina the 1st B.E.P. lost theirs C.O: Major Segrétain and Major Raffali killed in action. In Algeria the 1st R.E.P. lost is Chief, Lieutenant-colonel Jeanpierre: "dreaded by adversaries, honoured by his comrades and blessed by populations under his protection".

Commandant Segrétain

Le 1st R.E.P. was disbanded on April 30th 1961.

Le 2ème R.E.P. preserved the great traditions of Para-Legionnaire.

In July 1967, the 2nd R.E.P. rejoined the 11th Para Division in Corsica: it perpetuates "More Majorum" "Like the formers" the actions of men in Indochina and Algeria.

Green Beret

The "green beret" shown on this painting wears the Para dress model 56. He has a haversack for Airborne Troops, the canvas equipment including the grenade saddlebag. His weapon is the semi-automatic rifle MAS 49/56 – 7.5 calibre – 10 round magazine.

The Green Beret, official head-dress since 1959, is worn only during the operations and off-duty, but never in full dress. The "Kepi-Blanc" is worn on this occasion, with traditional shoulder straps green and red and blue belt.

On his left arm this man wears the Foreign Legion arm badge and on his right the Para Division sleeves insignia


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