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Paratrooper with his jump and combat gear

This trooper with his comrades is geared up and ready to jump and liberate Europe. He will land near the Orne River, Ranville, Varaville or Petiville in Normandy his mission secure the Eastern flank of operation "Overlord".

He wears a sleeveless jump smock and under it a camouflaged Denison Smock in addition to "para" trousers with large map pockets.

Jump and combat gear

Under his type X chute harness he has stowed his dismantled Sten MK5.

His combat and survival equipment is stowed in his leg bag (ammunitions, haversack, radio, gas mask, explosives, smoke grenades, rations, binoculars, toggle-rope, spare uniform and shoes etc.)

His helmet is the Airborne Forces' steel helmet. His face is camouflaged with brown cream. Around his neck he wears camouflaged netting tied in a knot.

His webbing is made up of ammunition pouches, a belt and bayonet which are all worn under his jump smock.

As soon as he lands on his designated Drop Zone, he will get rid of his harness, his green sleeveless jump smock and will then be ready for battle.


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