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U.S paratrooper in jump gear

In North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Southern France, and Holland and across the Rhine, U.S paratroopers captured airfields, bridges, acted as flank guards of amphibious landings, or were tasked with cutting off the enemy’s retreat.

Airborne operations require special training and equipment.

The paratrooper seen here is ready for a combat jump.

Jump gear

He wears the paratrooper’s combat uniform with a cloth paratrooper wing.

He is equipped with the T-7 pattern parachute (reserve and main). Of all the allied airborne during WW2 only US and Russian paratroopers wore a reserve parachute.

In his right hand he has a "Mae West" lifejacket, under his reserve chute his backpack with individual and combat gear.

His weapon is the folding-butt M1 A1 semi-automatic Carbine.

He wears a garrison-cap with an embroidered "Para-glider patch" on the left side. His M1C steel helmet is at his feet.

He is also equipped with the 536 radio (for his Platoon or Company radio net).


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