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Paratrooper during an Operation - light combat uniform - 1957

From costal plains to mountains, and from cork-oaks forests to desert sands, Paratroopers treading in Roman Legions footsteps, fight, patrol and watch. In violent contrasting country, the new "Centurions" conduct their troops to complete achievement of the mission.

Without rest, take a part in all operations, they cover a distance of several kilometres, hunting the outlaws, taking populations under their protection, constructing, attending and assisting the people in distress.

During seven years they fought with gallantry and many of them were killed in action. But without fail they accomplished their missions "all the way" as in Indochina.

Light combat uniform

This platoon-leader, wears the camouflaged jacket of dress 56 and the famous camouflaged cap.

His field-glasses 6x30, his canvas field marching order, his combat knife are the main points of his equipment.

The green piece of material around his left shoulder is the identification of troops in action in this operation. His weapon is a submachine gun model MAT 49. On this picture the 32 round magazines is coiled-up under the barrel and he has two French grenades OF and DF.

He wears the sand short for Overseas Troops. His wool socks are wound on his light canvas and rubber boots "Pataugas".

This drawing recalls the famous combat of Timimoun in 1957 and the actions of "Bigeard Regiment" on south of Algeria in Sahara.

The light combat dress was worn by many Units in Algeria.


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