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Para-commando of Air Force - G.C.P.A 541 July 14th 1957 Paris

The French Air Force created in 1956, one Commando Unit "resuscitating the traditions of Air Force Paratroopers" to fight like a counter-guerrilla warfare force.

After one year the two commandos of the Unit became "Group de Commandos Parachutistes de l'Air 541" with 3 Commandos.

With swiftness the young Unit became like the other Para commandos Units. On July 14th 1957 it went on parade in Paris after fighting in Algeria for one year.

Para-commando of Air Force

The dark blue beret, the shoulder straps with gold eagle and the blue Air Force shirt showed the Air Force style on classical Paratrooper dress.

The white gloves, belt and boot-lace denote the parade dress outfit.

At the end of 1957, a fourth Commando was created and in 1959, a fifth in it's turn. The "Commando de l'Air" was an entirely Airborne Unit. They were specialised in Air mobility, and in guiding the strike of aircraft on ground targets. They were also, the gunners in assault helicopters and achieved the mission of Intervention Forces.

Disbanded on April 30th 1961, except one Commando (Cdo 50) the G.C.P.A 541 was "efficient, disciplined and elite Unit". On April 18th 1965, the "Commandos de l'Air" were recreated in Nimes Air Force Base, with new missions.

In operation, the Air Commandos do not wear their beret, but a camouflaged cap – special pattern for Air Force Paras.


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