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U.S paratrooper officer (Major) in parade dress

May 1945, at last the war is over in Europe.

In Berlin, in London, in Paris, Allied forces are on parade.

This Major of the Parachute Infantry Regiment wears a parade dress made up of a Garrison-Cap with the Para-Glider Badge on the right side (for Officers) and the olive-drab woollen field jacket model 1944 and matching trousers.

U.S. parade dress

On his right breast he has the Presidential Unit citation and on left breast his medals and above these his silver paratrooper wings.

A Colt 45 M1911A1 is hooked on his white parade belt; he has a lanyard around his right shoulder and a white parade scarf around his neck.

On his collar he wears the U.S Officers’ infantry badge.

This uniform was worn on the Victory Parade in Berlin and on subsequent parades with the Red Army.


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