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The S.A.S paratrooper

His only goal "Who dares and wins"

Dropped in the black night all over Europe to eliminate the enemy for days and weeks on in, like phantoms, Indians or pirates, sometimes in gun jeeps, they relentlessly and violently attack German troops and set Europe ablaze.

But the price of their valour if captured was death after much torture, and this was also the price to pay for victory.



Two British Battalions, two French Battalions and a Belgian Unit formed the Special Air Service (S.A.S) Brigade and were at the tip of the spear in the Allied Forces effort to liberate Europe.

Their legendary action is today history.

Their badge of courage was the Egyptian Wings worn like a Knighthood over their left shirt pocket.

Many of them were killed after barely having reached the young age of twenty.

S.A.S teams wore the same Airborne Forces uniform, but they were organised in light battalions without artillery and armed only with their individual weapons, machine-guns and some times mortars and P.I.A.T’s.

It is in the Middle-East that the S.A.S first wore the sand coloured beret that is still worn today, but from 1943-45 and for a short time after WW2 they wore the Red Beret.


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