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U.S Airborne Division paratrooper

On the Western flank of Operation "Overlord", two U.S Airborne Divisions were dropped and some were air-landed via gliders, their mission: secure the Utah Beach sector, and support U.S Forces on the beaches.

On a rainy pitch black night, the regiments of the two Airborne Divisions, (82nd AB and 101st AB) landed in Normandy.

This was a terrifying time for these men.

A Regiment was airdropped on the little town of Saint-Mère-Église and captured it. Many paratroopers landed in artificially flooded areas and drowned.

15.500 paratroopers and glider troops had the hard task of capturing and holding on to Drop zone areas. At 04:30 H on June 6, the star spangled banner was flying over the first liberated town. “Freedom highway” was opened by the biggest air invasion in history.

U.S Airborne

This drawing depicts a U.S paratrooper in full combat gear:

- M1C Paratrooper helmet with chin-strap.
- Airborne combat jacket and trousers in cotton with large pockets. Web belt, ammunitions pouches, survival gear, and leather holster with Colt 45 1911A1.
- Leather paratrooper jump boots.
- Combat knife tied to the right jump boot.
- His individual weapon, the M-1 Garand

U.S Paratrooper uniforms were well adapted to combat missions.


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